Wick TCR
  • Wick TCR
  • Wick TCR

LK wick for beeswax candles


The wick line of the highest quality for beeswax candles, which is composed of braided wicks and cores from pure cotton 100%.

It is ideal for pillars or specialty candles with diameter over 40 mm.

Wick type/candle diameter reference (mm):

LK 33/33: 30 – 40 mm*

LK 44/44: 40 – 50 mm*

LK 55/55: 50 – 60 mm*

LK 66/66: 60 – 70 mm*

LK 88/88: 70 – 90 mm* (available only in 15 m length)

* The wick type references are based on the tests carried out in the lab using the wax without fragrance oils and dyes. If you use fragrance oils please choose one size up.

Wick length per pack

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The wicks are made from 100% pure cotton. It provides a perfect burning profile despite the presence of a remarkable heterogeneity of the blends thanks to a special structure and a special treatment.

Please make reference to the provided MEASUREMENTS in order to identify the wick type that matches perfectly your candles. Choose the required parameter from the drop-down menu at the top right.


Data sheet

Pieces per pack
1 roll (15 or 30 mt) or 2.5 mt pack (2 pieces of 1.25 mt)
Compliant with European REACH standards; to the requirements prescribed by the RAL regulation (CANDLES QUALITY ASSURANCE RAL-GZ 041) and the cotton used in their creation is certified OEKO-TEX® 100 class I or II.