The Monterosa di Zelandi Aurelio company began on 18 June 1969 as a craftsman activity, which main purpose was the production of tightly braided wicks for candles.

The research of high quality materials and the handcrafted care of the product were the two principles around which there was developed the activity over the course of decades.

This philosophy of work proceeded with the production of ecological tubular wick made in pure cotton and without metal support: highly innovative characteristics of that time. On 28 December the company filed a patent for industrial invention.

On 11 October 1974 the first patent was granted for the creation of our own trademark and it had an ellipsoidal shape depicting a stylised image of a mountain with horizontal stripes that represented the sky and with the words “eco-friendly” prominently visible.

Throughout the time numerous and various types of wicks have been expanded to meet the needs of the candle making industries and the final product. Today the range of wicks is really very vast!

A thorough process of research and development gave the possibility to see, how different characteristics of composition, typology and size of the wick can be matched to one or another type of candle.

Our reality is constantly evolving, therefore the phase of development is constantly growing.