Citronella Java Essential Oil


100% pure and natural essential oil obtained from the distillation of Cymbopogon Winterianus, an evergreen plant belonging to the Cymbopogon genus and to the Poaceae family, native to Southeast Asia. Free of GMOs. Considered more valuable than the simple "Citronella", extracted from its cousin Cymbogon Nardus, thanks to its high content of natural oil.

In aroma therapy this oil is mainly used for its repellent action against mosquitoes and other unpleasant insects.

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Aroma: Fresh and herbaceous smell, with a final lemon note.

How to use: Spray in the environment to perfume your home and benefit from its repellent properties against insects. Suitable for creating scented candles and in evaporators.

Recommended dose: For vaporization use 2 or 3 drops every 100ml of water. For the creation of candles: put 7-8% essential oil in the liquid wax.

Warnings: For external use only; do not bring the oil into contact with the eyes, it can cause an allergic skin reaction, dilute before use; do not disperse in the environment; keep out of reach of children and open flames; do not use during pregnancy.

Disclaimer: The information given here cannot in any case replace the opinion of a doctor or other health professionals legally authorized to practice. Essential oils are not suitable for food use. Some oils can be used in cosmetics and for the creation of soaps, for more information our customer service is always available. Do not expose oils to direct sunlight.


Data sheet

Country of origin
Not suitable for food. If ingested, seek immediate medical attention. Keep out of reach of children.
Recommended storage
Store in a cool place away from sunlight.
Compliant with: Food safety system FSSC 22000 V4.1 - Food safety system ISO22000 - OGM Free products - Kosher certification - Halal certification - IFEAT