Sweet spices


Aromatic, spicy and woody fragrance, perfect to make your homes even more warm and welcoming.


Olfactory notes:


Top: cardamom, forest, cinnamon

Heart: carnation leaves, elemi, nutmeg

Bottom: cedar wood, patchouly

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How to use: Melt the wax in a bain-marie, add a few drops of fragrance into the wax and then mix everything up. Recommended dosage: 3% - 8% (250 g of fragrance per 9 kg of wax).

Tips: Our fragrances are not water-soluble, but can be used in reed diffusers if they are diluted in 10-20% of alcohol.

N.B. The fragrance is not intended for food use. It can be used in cosmetics and in soap-making, within certain quantities, considering possible colour changing of some fragrances.


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