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Evaporatore ELFO
  • Evaporatore ELFO
  • Evaporatore ELFO
  • Evaporatore ELFO
  • Evaporatore ELFO

Hultrasonic diffuser-humidifier ELFO

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A practical small-sized ultrasonic diffuser. Ideal at work thanks to its practical alimentation via USB cable.

From the drop-down menu next to it, you can choose whether to proceed with the purchase of the evaporator only or to add one or two essential oils.

Opzioni aggiuntive

Instructions for use: Connect the power cord to the base of the diffuser. Remove top cover from the base. Add cool water into the water tank up to the max fill line. Add 2-3 drops of the essential oil or of the chosen fragrance oil. Replace the top cover and the inner cover. Press the power button. The diffuser stops working when the water level is too low.

Press once: power on, and 7 colour LED lights gradient.

Press again: to fix the LED light colour.

Press three times: the spray function is off and changing to night light mode.

Press four times: the power is off.

For more information see the user’s manual

To clean the diffuser remove the top cover (including inner cover), empty the diffuser. To remove possible buildup use a cotton swab dipped in kitchen degreaser to wipe out the vibration plate and the tank. The vibration plate inside the bottom of the diffuser should not come in contact with any hard or sharp objects. Dry with a soft cloth to avoid mineral buildup.

Alimintation: USB cord.

Warning: Use only the power cord that is supplied with the diffuser. Always remove the power cord before cleaning. Essential oils and fragrance oils should not come in contact with the exterior surface of the unit. Don’t use strong detergents.


Data sheet

Diam. 125mm x H.97mm
Automatic change
with water