• Silicone



Silicone for the creation of candle and soap moulds.

The product consists of two containers: the first one contains the orange silicone base and the other one is the hardener.

For more information and tips on the usage please look the page bottom.


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Dosage and mixing:

Shake the bottles before using. Measure the equal quantity of the hardener (white colour) and the silicone base (orange). Mix carefully two ingredients for about 60 seconds until you get a smooth substance.

N.B. make sure everything is mixed very well and there are no residuals left. To obtain the best result the substance should be as much homogeneous as possible.


Find a suitable container where you will create your silicon mould, put it into the model you want to copy and fix it. We advise you to use a container which is easy to destroy, because at the end of the process it is necessary to break it in order to remove the silicon mould once it becomes solid. Pour gradually the mixture at normal temperature.

If the silicone quantity isn’t enough to fill up the container, wait till the silicone hardens completely and then proceed by adding another part of the silicone.

It takes about 3 hours for the silicone to harden, after that it is possible to put out the silicone mould of the container.

N.B. If you don’t manage to remove the model out of the silicon mould, it is possible to cut it upright. Make a clean precise cut so as the two parts will adhere perfectly. You can join the two parts with a rubber bend to avoid the leakage.